The Africa project. A great surf movie: a story about surfing in Africa

3 01 2012

Don’t Skip empirical wisdom part 3

24 10 2011

Don’t Skip empirical wisdom Part 2

23 10 2011

Don’t Skip empirical wisdom Part 1

22 10 2011

New 5ft4 diamond-swallow-wing blur in the making

22 10 2011

How short is too short?

I have been surfing on a 5ft3 x 20 x 2.5 for the last 8 months and loving it.

I then tried a 5ft7 and it just didn’t work for me.  I am 6ft1/2 and 77kg and come from a skating background.  I think that is why i like the shorter, stubbier, skatier feel of the shorter boards.

So here is a pic of the tail.


The board is glassed and I had to make the fins.  What a mission, next time you pay R400 for fins, smile you just got a bargain.


I got the board and surfed it in 3ft Ysterfontein and I am loving it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



Coreban prototype: small wave cutback

22 10 2011

8ft SUP off to the glasser

6 05 2011