SUP 8ft bottom

4 05 2011


Halo blob fins:

3 03 2011

The most amazing fin to surf with.

Great hold and drive. Takes you to the next level via the escalator and not the stairs.

Surf faster, quicker and better than you can.

Simmons 5ft4 – the fastest design known to (surf)man.

21 02 2011

Breaking the silence

23 01 2011

The blog has been empty and my life full and hectic.

Life is existential and inseparable from our bodily existence in this temporal reality, for now.

Our bodies are 90% water so all that happens to us, is an aquatic voyage.

The last 6 months was a voyage internal and has left me and my family changed.

The conclusion, God is good, life is great and water is amazing.

And keep swimming inside or out.



23 01 2011

Durban beachfront

2 10 2010

There are some good waves in Durban.

I surfed easterly onshore the whole week and had some good waves in warm water.

Safe eating

25 09 2010